About Us

Our goal is to inspire today's youth. As parents ourselves, we have always wanted to do the best job possible. But we also aim to help other parents find a new and easy way to help their own children too.

Our Story

Ever since my daughter was very little, we said affirmations in the mirror with her each and every morning. We noticed that her level of happiness, self-worth, and confidence was growing as a result of the affirmations. She was actually believing and becoming the words that we were saying each morning. We had the idea to create a visual representation for her. So we put the sayings on the mirror to help remind her who she is.

Humans are very visual creatures. Visual processing takes up a huge percentage of the brain's architecture. So why not reinforce the affirmations visually? My daughter instantly and enthusiastically responded to this new approach. We saw her positivity and self-confidence grow daily. It was truly a joy to watch. The process was simple in that we repeated the affirmations with her in the mirror as part of her daily routine. In time, she started saying her affirmations before she went to school.

Below are a few of the affirmations we would say with her before she would begin her day:

  1. I am confident.
  2. I am unstoppable.
  3. I am amazing.
  4. I am courageous.
  5. I am thankful.

Our Strategy

In today's world, parents are concerned about the negative impact of social media, and negative messages conveyed overtly and covertly via a range of media sources and the internet. These are often oppressive factors that previous generations did not have to contend with. They can take a toll on even the strongest of kids. Failing to value one's self can lead to an array of negative life outcomes.

Youthful Affirmations can play an important part in helping children prepare and cope with the demands of today's world. Designed for children, from toddlers to teen years, Youthful Affirmations provides an opportunity for parents to encourage and inspire their children.

Our Message

We truly believe that if we can help our daughters achieve greater confidence, happiness, and a more positive view of herself, then we can do the same for other children around the world.

Having parents involved while children say the affirmations helps make them feel loved and supported in their journey. This fact alone helps to instill in children a greater sense of confidence and self-worth. 



Hi, I'm Lindsay! I'm the Founder & CEO of Youthful Affirmations. I started my career as a nurse and now run YA. My daughters truly are my WHY!

Gabrielle here! I'm the Creative Director of Youthful Affirmations. I have been in Marketing for over 10 years. Once I became a mother, my whole world changed. I realized how important instilling daily affirmations could change my daughter's, confidence, self-worth, and eventually, her future.


Inspire your youth today with a 24 pack of reusable, adhesive free, positive affirmation stickers. Start having fun while increasing your child’s self-esteem.

  • Easy on, Easy off
  • Remove, Reposition, and Reuse
  • Perfect for toddlers to teens
  • Great way to start the day



Ignite your child’s confidence and self-esteem while fostering a deeper connection with a pack of positive affirmation cards.

  • 25 full-color, double-sided cards
  • Easy-to-read phrases with mindful illustrations
  • Muted color palette
  • Durable cardstock with rounded corners

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