Our goal is to inspire the world's children to live better, happier, richer, and fuller lives. We strongly believe that the simple daily habit of positive self-talk can have a significant impact. The long-term subconscious effects of reciting positive affirmations are profound.

How Does It Work?

Youthful Affirmations helps children transform how they see themselves and what they believe is possible.

Much like brushing one's teeth, eating healthy foods, and getting enough sleep and exercise, embracing positive daily affirmations is a habit that yields great results and rewards.

Simply say these daily affirmations with your child. They will enjoy all the incredible benefits that come with a positive view of one's self. In time, they will embrace the habit on their own.

Why Embrace Positive Affirmations?

Sometimes adults forget what it is like to be a child. The simple fact is that navigating through the first few years of life can be particularly challenging. Children find themselves in a world full of unknowns, confusion, and mysteries. To top it all off, they are physically smaller than most other people. As a result, children deal with a range of complex emotions and fears each and every day. If it sounds exhausting, well, it is. As a parent, you want the very best for your children. It is essential to provide a solid foundation for their future.

Youthful Affirmations provides your child with a fun and easy way to build their self-esteem while simultaneously boosting their confidence and overall well-being. Our belief is that a positive view of one's self leads to better decision-making, life choices, and even health outcomes.


Inspire your children today with a 24-pack of individual reusable, adhesive-free, positive affirmation stickers. Start having fun while increasing your child’s self-esteem.

  • Easy on, Easy off
  • Remove, Reposition, and Reuse
  • Perfect for toddlers to teens
  • Great way to start the day



Ignite your child’s confidence and self-esteem while fostering a deeper connection with a pack of positive affirmation cards.

  • 25 full-color, double-sided cards
  • Easy-to-read phrases with mindful illustrations
  • Muted color palette
  • Durable cardstock with rounded corners


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